Sanction here what I Begin.
Sip my coffee,
Still my heart.
Hallow here what I write,
Hear the heartbeat of my thoughts;
Hasten to string it all together.
Course through my ebbing words,
Come direct my pen,
Commit my vision.
Blank screen–
Brew my tea.
Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

Possess in Me

Possess in me Your heart,
Though too big for me to house,
A portion of goodwill to men
When offense too great abounds.
Possess in me Your fullness, God,
Though ‘tis too grand to hold,
Richly bestowing on all things
When mine own nature withholds.
Possess in me Your Joy,
To enjoy in Thee, and all around,
When sad and disappointing thoughts
Tend to hold me to the ground.
Possess in me Your wisdom,
For mine is not enough,
To walk through and love and shed abroad
Your mercies through the rough.


Step outside.
Slow motion.
Snow falling.
’Cept it’s June.

Cottonwood drifts
Paint pretty pics
Watch the corn grow
Heal the heart slow

Dreams begin again,
Breeze across my cheek
Sun warm soak my skin
Pen in hand again

Rainbow Summer
August 25, 1999

A sideways glance—
And the heart feels the skip of a beat,
For what it sees is a double rainbow.
Rich in gems,
That if one could taste—is Sweet
A further look—
All Light is mine!
for the heavenly circuit meets
At that fabled end in a field of gold
—Yellow corn—
That if one could touch—Sublime!

Shy radiance is cast;
The batting eyes foretell
A Blessed future Down Chamomile Lane.
Full moon overhead and gold surrounds
—the finger—
And if one could be—is Sacred.


I wonder at it, too
I wonder at you.
I wonder how it is
What perfect love can give…
Icon of God’s own love for us,
Seems inconceivable in light of our love—
Perfect and growing in beauty now,
But the depths yet I searched will more lovely show.
I wonder at it, at my love for you.
I wonder at God.
I wonder at you.