How Good It Is, Jason Silver

Psalm 147 is really a doxology, a liturgical pattern of praise, opening with an imperative for us to praise, and closing with an imperative to praise. Our praise sandwiches God’s promises.

Praise the Lord. Why? Because it is good to sing praises to our God; it is pleasant, and praise is beautiful.

What follows is a list of actions that the Lord accomplishes:

He builds.
He gathers.
He heals.
He binds up.
He counts.
He calls.
He understands.
He lifts up.
He casts the enemy to the ground.

Insert the command to “Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving and sign praise.”

He covers (protects).
He prepares (rain/hydrates our souls).
He makes grass grow (makes growth happen).
He gives (provides spiritual food).

Insert our response to again “Praise the Lord!” Why? Because, to those who hope in His mercy:

He strengthens.
He blesses.
He makes peace.
He fills.
He sends.
He gives.
He scatters.
He declares His word.

The denouement? The climax? The finale? A command for us to:

Praise the Lord!

In so doing, we build our spirit-man up, which builds up our sphere of influence. It is an upward cycle of praise and edification!

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